Wednesday, July 27, 2016


We started with getting his VISA. It's nice to just put together what is on the list and send it off to church headquarters to take care of the rest.
This is the picture that won and was sent with his papers to church headquarters. 
I have spent hours and hours and hours, day after day, getting everything ready for this kid. I had no idea how entailed everything was. From shoes and clothes and toiletries and medicine to moleskin and a flashlight and highlighters and 30 spf lip balm and so on and so on.
We've been to the temple several times. The highlight being the Salt Lake Temple with White Grandma. That temple is unbelievably beautiful and John made sure to get us to the room John and I were sealed in. My aunt Sandy felt four little spirits there with us the day we were married and it was neat to be in there with John and share that with him. John also told Grandma since she didn't get to be there with us that day, he wanted her to see it now. We also walked all the way around the walls of the temple, underneath the temple to see the baptistry. 
After the temple we went to The Cheesecake Factory then stopped at a store to get almost the last of the stuff that is needed for his mission. 
We certainly aren't ready to send John off but we sure are ready to pack up all the stuff around our house. 
There is so much to prepare for a mission. Spiritually and physically and mentally and emotionally. We sure are excited for this kid and already feel glimpses of the pain we will feel as we say good bye. We randomly cry. I feel so incredibly grateful for his Mission President and his wife, Brother and Sister Johnson, It's comforting to know he will have "parents" watching over him while he is gone.

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