Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Letter Three - MTC

This week has been great.
We have started getting a lot into the alphabet and script. It is so complicated but I am still getting it and understanding it really well.
Of the many things I am made fun of about here, one is my handwriting. I get called a printer and type writer because I guess I can write really suay (beautiful) and in many many different kinds of fonts. I'll include an example in a picture.
Anywho, the older Thailand Mission group left yesterday. It was a hard goodbye because I became such good friends with every one of them. But I will probably see many of them again. 
Thailand is such a unified group of missionaries. I love it.

Well if I had to choose one spiritual thought to share for this week, it would be about the Holy Ghost. I had to write a talk on How to Recognize the Holy Ghost. During my studies and through pondering, I have been blessed with inspiration. For some reason I worry a lot about worthiness here. Like I am sure many or all missionaries do, but I let it get to me sometimes and I do not know why. I know I am worthy. Anyways, Elder Bednar gave a talk a while back. My Thai Teacher showed us it and oh boy it was perfect timing. Basically he said that we should not be worrying about whether the Spirit is with us or not. If we know we are worthy, then He will be with us.

In my talk, I said: "We are all here as missionaries. In order to be here, you are worthy. I feel like we are surrounded by so much of the Spirit all the time that we are getting used to the feeling of the Holy Ghost. And because of that, it may make us worry about if He is with us. If you know you are worthy, then know the Holy Ghost is with you. Instead of asking 'How to Recognize and Understand the Spirit?' We need to recognize the importance of the Holy Ghost. 

He is up there with Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ. He does so much for us. He is always with us or trying to be with us. He gave up having a physical body so that He could bless everyone. How amazing is He? He does things for us similar to Christ. We cannot underestimate what Christ did for us, but I feel like everyone needs to recognize more the importance of the Holy Ghost.

Well that's all. I got called as a Zone Leader. Guess I'm the Branch President's favorite child (;
No haha. I'm having a really great time. One Elder that is preparing for Singapore came up to me late last night. He told me how much he looks up to me and is amazed at how I am friends with absolutely everyone. It was funny because I've felt like I look up to him and he actually is someone who is friends with everyone. Anyways, he concluded saying that he had prayed to know if I was the right one to be called as a Zone Leader just out of curiosity and he said that he received confirmation and revelation that it is supposed to be.

So yeah, I guess I am fit for the job. I do not feel fit for it at all but I am excited for this opportunity. Thanks for all the prayers and support. I love you so much (:

Elder John Kimball Higginson
Thailand, Bangkok Mission
Here is one of the older Thai's wearing my nametag. Remind me to tell you about Thai-ser-cise.

Been saying good bye to lots of friends. Dang flash. Spencer and I said good bye last night.

The Forbidden Sword (if you look at it you will be injured soon or sent home early). The Zone Tree. The Zone Crane. And there's many other things I got passed down but yeah I get to take of these now. haha.

The Zone Flag.

Here is a sample of handwriting. haha.

My Bed. (we switched a couple nights ago).

And this is me. I probably missed a lot but keep writing me. I love you!

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