Tuesday, August 2, 2016

"Farewell" Sunday

We were asked in our Stake (following the Church's stance), to attend all our meetings on the day of a farewell or homecoming and limit the 'after party' where a million people show up to eat food and mingle. So we followed the counsel and it was a lovely day. John spoke in the 9:00 am meeting, followed by two more hours of church. Then we came home to prepare and at 4:30 that evening, family and a few friends and family friends joined us for dinner and visiting.
John wrote two talks. One talk was written a few days before then Saturday night John said he didn't feel good about it and started fresh with a second talk, ending at 1:30 am. At 7:30 am, the day of speaking, I read through his talk then John and lil John merged the two together. John and I were concerned at what might happen when it was presented but there was no need to worry. It was powerful and wonderful and we were so proud of him.
The first talk was doctrinal, lacking in personal experience. The second talk was personal experience, lacking in doctrine. The two together was just right.
Several neighbors and friends and family were so kind and donated to his mission fund. I was overcome with the love and am determined to be a better person. It was very humbling to have so many people show their love for John and support for his mission.
John spoke on the same day as his buddy, Spencer Pitt. The Pitt and Higginson families are both large and the chapel and overflow was packed. It was a beautiful meeting with those two and the youth speakers, Sam Reese and Matt Schmid. There were many comments about the wonderful meeting. It really was a great meeting and a great day.

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