Monday, August 8, 2016

First written letter home

Dear Mom and Dad (Sam, Leah, Ruby),
I miss you. Mom and Dad, thank you for everything. I woke up a little homesick and kind of miss lots of simple things. Not the messy house though haha. Hope you all are doing so good, but don't be too good because I don't want to miss that.
I have definitely felt everyone's prayers as well. It's weird because it's day 6. I can't tell if it is going fast or slow, but either way, I am having the loveliest time.
Take good care of yourselves and the kids, especially Ruby. Thinking of her makes me the saddest. I feel like there is a special eldest-youngest sibling bond. As well as that I have to miss such precious years. Funny how the next time I will get to experience that will be my own child.
I'll make sure it comes fast!!! :)
I love you!
Love, elder john k. higginson

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