Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Letter Four - MTC

We're halfway there. It's going well here in the MTC. 

My companion just did something to his knee. It is probably a hyperextension but we have to miss temple time to go get it checked later today. Haha. So my district doesn't play any sports so I always go with the other Thai district to exercise time. But today my district decided to have some fun (,:  I was serving the volleyball like the pros (because I'm a pro) and had like 7 straight aces. So finally when the other team got a turn to serve, my companion was up. He tried to do it how I did it and his very first serve landed on his leg weird and for a couple hours we had to get him feeling better. So yeah now he's on crutches. He's a real good guy though haha.

I have had some really good experiences and opportunities through being a Zone Leader. (Also I got a certificate for it as well). 

One night I was headed to bed but Elder Bunker and I ran into this Elder who had just gotten to the MTC. Oh boy his back story is amazing. Up until tuesday of this last week he wasn't planning on showing up to the MTC. But something prompted him. So he left Jamaica, his only family member which is his mother, and brought only some church clothes and money. Before he came here his older brother who lives far away told him that he would make many good friends on his mission. I am honored to be one of them. He's about 5'10". He is black and very very spiritual. He got here and found out that he would be a Solo MIssionary here. That hit him hard, but as the days have gone by he has found that being a solo missionary has helped him realize that Christ and the Holy Ghost are his companions. It is also hard for him because his residence which is two doors away from mine is in the middle of all the Asian missionaries. (He will be serving in Belgium). So he is the only Deutsche missionary, let alone non-asian missionary in our entire hall. But I have made sure he has felt loved and has friends. He is a really neat kid and I wish everyone could meet him. He got his own endowments taken out yesterday. He has asked us a lot about the temple and about the mission life. He has asked if I could pray with him and yeah he is real great. 

I don't feel like a Zone leader yet. I was already friends with like all 60 something missionaries in our zone before, but now I have gotten to know them better. Our Zone consists of Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, and probably a few more I have forgotten. It is really cool. There are really amazing people in our Zone and especially in the Thailand districts.

I am now able to read the Book of Mormon in Thai Script. It is the neatest thing. I still don't understand everything but learning the Alphabet has helped me memorize and learn a lot faster.

Many Elders have the nicest things to say to me and I'm so grateful for it. Sometimes I have gotten real hard on myself and suddenly someone will randomly compliment me on my singing or spirit or oh boy it comes at the perfect times.

I have so much to share and again can't remember much when Email time eventually comes around. Thank you for the prayers. I miss you a whole lot, but Heavenly Father has helped me to have a persepective on the blessings and impact of a mission. I love it. I am so excited to get to Thailand.

I love you

Elder John Kimball Higginson
Thailand, Bangkok Mission

JKH photography 😊
I marked those 3 scriptures before going turning twelve and doing baptisms. I remember marking them but I hadn't remembered these scriptures til I randomly turned to them one day this week. Crazy how I drew a Thailand Flag in my scriptures 6 or 7 years ago!

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