Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Letter number one - MTC

Hello family.
I hope you're all having a real lovely time without me because I am having the time of my life. There is nothing better for me to be doing right now and fortunately it is the best time ever.

I hope so much to share, but I'm going to have to keep so much to myself. Everyday is a roller-coaster. There is an overall topic each week. But each day, the Holy Ghost bears witness to me of so many different aspects and topics of the gospel. It is so hard to keep up with the wonderful. spirit that is here. I have already written 12 pages in my journal. I could do more but we are so busy. 

Heavenly Father has told me many times that I need to be here. He has also shown me why in so many different ways. I wish I could just transfer my mind or at least my entire journal. There is too much I want to share with the world.

On Sunday, I came up with this quote that came to me while watching "Character of Christ."

"Your mission is not about your success, but it is about the success of Heavenly Father both in and through you."

 I had a lot of thoughts, but t's so hard to type them all out. My mind has been so active in the spirit and the language. 

I have learned many new things and my testimony has become so much stronger. I love knowing that it is only the first week and am excited to develop every aspect of the gospel and the language in me.

Joseph Smith, prayer, the Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ, the Restoration, the Book of Mormon, and much more have impacted me in a really special way this first week.

We taught an investigator in all-Thai yesterday. It is amazing how the spirit works, because we barely speak Thai, yet the spirit has no language borders. We bore our testimonies on the Book of Mormon, and it was so powerful. Sister Faa (the investigator), my companion and I were in tears. We went over on our time by like 20 minutes but it was so powerful. 

Everything here is so powerful and impacts me so much. The MTC is 3,000 missionaries strong, and that is a lot of spirit and testimony.

I am grateful for this opportunity, my family, my companion, Jesus Christ, and His gospel.

I love you all.

Elder John Kimball Higginson
Thailand, Bangkok Mission
(John with his ward buddy and friend, Spencer Pitt. So glad they can be there together for a short time)
(Elder Higginsons and Elder Bunker)

P.S.  Every tuesday, I might be on the same time. I needed to get on again real quick because I forgot pictures. Also sorry my emails arent too great but the circumstances just arent too great. My companion is Elder Bunker he is a really good guy who has used the atonement in a really great way and is now serving a mission. He used to live in Thailand. Anywho I love you!

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