Sunday, August 21, 2016

Writing Home

August 15, 2016

Dear Family,
Now that I have finished talking about myself, it is time to talk about the Lord and only Him. He is the reason things can go well, but He is also the one who helps me through the hard days here. When I talk about hard days, they aren't actually that hard. Mostly in the moment, stuff will get to you and you'll feel down. But the worst thing is how hard Satan has been working on me.
Frequently, Heavenly Father will make His presence and spirit known to me, but then He lets me on my own for a while to test my faith. He releases me with a goodbye like I said to you almost two weeks ago, says to remember Him, and tells me that He will be supporting, praying, and waiting to hear from me. Satan has shaken my faith a few times already here. But that is really Heavenly Father testing me. He tests us by allowing us to be tempted and shaken by Satan, but how we react is what Heavenly Father is looking at.
Through many times here where I have been stressed, down, confused, or even shaken, I turn to God. Everyone needs to turn to God. I need to dwell less in the thoughts Satan gives me and turn to my Heavenly Father even quicker. I think all need to learn this. Anywho, just some thoughts.
Turning to Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, and the Holy Ghost has saved me so many times. Not that it has gotten real bad. But always have Jesus on your mind. Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost as well.
Through my personal studies I have learned that Christ needs to be The Focus. I have learned so much more detail of Repentance, the Atonement, and the Second Coming. Lots and lots of amazing things I hadn't learned or though of enough before.
Today we started learning script. I'm getting it so good and I am enjoying it so much. I also love helping the other missionaries. I love helping them understand. I've even taught my teachers some stuff. haha. They're such great people. They are Brother Saunders and Brother Terrell. Saunders is our main. We have had some deep conversations together. He knows Komgritt and Nick Heslop. Him and I are already good friends and have so much respect for each other.
One more thing, having two laundry bags helps soooooo much. Like right now I have time to write while the others are separating their laundry. (Thanks to grandma)
Thank you mom for everything. I meant it when I told you two Wednesdays ago. I am so grateful for every little thing. Throughout my whole life and especially helping me get set for my mission. I love you. :)
Sometimes I get stressed because there's so much to say and no time or convenient way to say them. I am excited to share my journal with you all in two years.
Anyways, keep writing me a lot. Thanks for your letters mom. I love it. I'll be emailing you tomorrow. Love you!
elder john k higginson

P.S. Everyone loves my yeezy's :)
Also, I will try to do the thank you's but we literally are always doing stuff.

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