Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Letter Six - MTC

me taking down (i'm not allowed to name the elder) who weighs 50 pounds more than me

​Buzz & I early on 9/11

these mirrors are the worst but missionaries are the best
This week has been preeetty good. Tell all the family thanks for all the letters and treats and love. It sure helps a lot and I appreciate it (:

Last Wednesday I was called in to get my final immunization. After it was done I put my shirt on and was walking out when the lady stopped me: "So we just gave you the wrong one." She was pretty nervous about it but fortunately it was just the flu shot. I got super sick from it which was frustrating because I was finally feeling better after having been sick for 4+ weeks. But the worse part was that after getting the right Immunization, they tried to make me pay for the flu shot. But I talked them through it... we chillllll.
The language is coming on really really well. I cannot wait to be immersed in it and actually use it for real. I can't wait to learn it fully also haha.
My district has been a little more open to playing sports so that has been nice. They all think that I'm going to the NBA haha it's a good time.
We got to hear from two apostles this week: D. Todd Christofferson and Russel M. Ballard. That was a good time. I got a lot out of those.
I accidentally swore in Thai when talking to my teacher about basketball because I guess that Kawhi Leonard's name is a swear word in Thai. That's all haha.

Happy Anniversiary Mom & Dad (: Love you so much!

Tell everyone thanks for all they do. But also our home teachers. I think of Brother Bangerter's quote every single day. 'Keep your torch burning'

As a request from father; here is a basic day in the MTC:
6:30 Wake Up
(I take a long shower in the mornings its nice)
7:20 Breakfast
7:50 Study
10:50 Gym Time
12:20 Lunch
12:50 Class
5:30 Dinner
6:15 Class
9:30 Back to residence
10:30 Sleep

Repeat (unless P-day or Sunday)
Well there ya go haha.

One thing I have decided here is that I really really want to teach Thai at the MTC when I'm back. Also I really really want to go to Laos and learn Laotion. And maybe even teach that too. But being a teacher here is like my dream right now. It would be the best thing. I saw a bunch of applications for a large variety of language jobs and all of them were labeled under someone named 'Julie Higginson.' I'm hoping it is the Julie Higginson I am thinking of because she should help me out with a job when I am back haha.

We get 10 new Thai missionaries this week finally. I can't wait to meet them. I'd say one of the hardest things about the MTC is that since I know so many people... seeing so many come and go as I have been here has been rough. I don't know how to explain right now I'm sure you understand.

This week has been real good though. And all I've heard is that the last three weeks of the MT go really fast so I'm excited for that. I love the MTC, but being in Thailand doing real work is what I want right now haha.

I can read, speak, and kinda write in Thai. If you need anything translated just let me know haha it's really fun for me. Still feeling the spirit a lot. Especially the last few days. Sister Cutler, one of our teachers, will be teaching the younger Thai group, starting Wednesday, and not us anymore and she gave a real powerful testimony last night.

Also last night, one of the Elders had a lot of really deep questions for the teachers and was just not understanding much. He didn't understand Spiritual Gifts and was using scriptures against other scriptures. So I kinda said something and then explained something that I understand really well because of my patriarchal blessing. I'll let you read my journal in 23 months then this will make more sense haha. But basically I am grateful for Gifts and patriarchal blessings. Last night was really powerful.

I love being a missionary and I love Jesus Christ

AND I love you (:

Elder John Kimball Higginson
Thailand, Bangkok Mission

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