Thursday, September 8, 2016

Writing Home

September 3, 2016
Dear Family,
I miss you more everyday. The last few days have been hard, but today was really great! I feel like missing the Coldplay concert triggered so many things to happen. I'm pretty sad about that. But the last few days I have had many opportunities to work some Zone Leader, Patriarchal Blessing, and gifted magic. (Heeeeckyeahhhhh)
There has been some contention lately and many Elder's have been struggling. The first problem was between two elders in my own district. They are both crazy smart and debaters and so on. Anyways, they've clashed a lot, until I talked to them. One of them impatiently demanded I do and say something immediately. Like he wanted an explanation, I'm not sure. Anyways, I told him I would say something after writing in my journal so I did and said a quick prayer as well. All of a sudden a memory came to me I hadn't thought about in years.
I started talking and felt the Holy Ghost speaking for me. I explained a situation I had in 4th or 5th grade with Christopher Hughes (remember him?). Anywho, it'd take too long to explain all, but basically I said that you both being smart should be used for each other and not against. I said more but long-story-short, they have been really good friends since. Which is funny because the one elder told me that he could never be friends and he's never met someone he's hated more.
I'll give you another example, this was actually elder has been really, really down. His companion told me that in a companionship inventory that he told him for a long time everything and everyone he hates. Also that he was getting ready to go home. Anywho, today I've been super goofy (like obnoxiously) and really good to him and he is doing so much better. I have talked about Thailand and mission work and pretending to be oblivious to what he's going through. I think he is saved, he is so happy especially tonight.
I love helping others. I know Thailand needs him.
One thing I wanted to share, is that I haven't missed my phone at all. It is sooo nice to have such a big worry off my hands. I know you will feel the same if you do more and use electronics less. Please listen to me. It's TRUE!!
Anyways, just wanted to write real quick. Along with that music, could you add on: myloxyloto (the introductory song). I would really appreciate that. We can't use music devices until the mission field so take your time.
My district has been cracking down and being strict and stressful, I'll tell you more on Tuesday.
Alma 37:37
elder john kimball higginson

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