Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week four - Bangkhen

Hey la familia
This week was real successful and I love it.
On Monday we went to the tramp park. Way nice place and one of the Elder's from SVU and I had a dunk contest the whole time. We also did a lot of calls that night. My Thai is coming well, I am so blessed. I set up quite a few appointments throughout the week with less actives and former investigators.
Personal Studies are the greatest things ever as always. Tuesday came across Doctrine and Covenants 18.  I marked down verses 13-24, but more specifically 28, 31-36, and 40-45. I could go on for a while but the two I'll say something is verses 28 and 31. Just real great and then 31 quotes me directly. I am THE TWELVE.
We were at the mall for district meeting at Swensen's ice cream, as usual. Then everyone went to the bathroom so I stuck right outside next to an arcade. I kinda gave in to the claw machine game and won a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal my first try. All the elders came out and were like 'WHAT? HOW?' Then they had me go again with their money. And again. And again. Haha. I won 4 straight times and they were shocked asking why I'm so good at everything. What can I say? (,:
Haha. We taught some lessons and had a good day.
Next day I went on a switchoff because there was a district and zone leader meeting at the mission office. Elder Weaver is a DL. So I went with Elder Wilcox who just lives in Farmington! We're good friends so we just contacted all day doing the funniest, funnest games and strategies. It was a good time.
This last week we have had the coolest rain storms. It's not even rainy season, but they're soooo cool. Rain is one of my favorite things ever and oh boy, walking and inviting for an hour or so in your church clothes in the hardest rain this world has ever had is sooo fun and sure felt like one of the realest mission experiences so far.
Just typing a lil bit from my journal. Wish I could just send you the whole thing. Got 112 pages going. More storms, lessons, a huge rain vortex, real awesome experiences with investigators, some real encouraging moments, etc. We have started waking up early, like 5:00 am, so that we can teach a certain investigator. It's awesome though. We get a two hour gym time right before lunch cause of it.
More awesome study experiences, late night conversations, ohh yeah.
We met with this LA who immediately loved us and stayed around with us all day Friday. Not kidding, Elder Weaver and I probably walked 40 kilometers this day. Our church is a 48 minute walk and we did that walk 8 times! As well as finding houses and investigators in other places also! Soooooo exhausted but it's missionary work and it feels good.
Had some of the loveliest sunsets ever. And oh boy waking up early is sure worth it cause I sit out on the porch and watch the sunrise every day. I've got lots of pictures, be ready.
Elder Weaver and I finally got to buying new sheets for our beds. We ended up not being able to buy them because we only looked at the expensive places. It was one of the most uncomfortable times of my life. Wearing matching clothes, following your friend around and having a million workers help you pick out some sheets cause that's what Asians do. They want to help you buy their stuff. So we keep looking for 2 small twin sized or so sheets but they keep offering us saying "we need just one sheet. And here is a biiiiiig king sized one that will be great!"
And also kept bringing up like big combo sheets with pillow cases and plush blankets etc. Yeah I'm going to be straight up, lots of people think missionaries are just a bunch of gay couples so yeah that's all.
My nametag melted in the heat, more studies, lots of gym time, more staying up way too late talking, haha.
Kinda got a lil too down on myself. We had a realllllly good Saturday with a lot of investigator and less active lessons. We are up to 10 investigators with possibly baptizing 4 of them this next Sunday. Really good lessons but Satan got to  that night. BUT...Heavenly Father does look out for everyone because next morning I had in my mind that 'it's going to be a lovely day.' Still was feeling quite weird but we got to church and very very unexpectedly had 5 of our investigators there. They just showed up! It was awesome! I love them all.
Thai people say my Thai is very good and I speak chat (clear). And in a baptism photo yesterday they said I look like some model, I didn't know who the person they compared me to was haha. Watched some basketball (,: Just had a really good, exhausting week. 

I Love you so much
Take care of the children
Keep the family close
believe in miracles

Elder John Kimball Higginson
Thailand, Bangkok Mission

​promise my eyes weren't closed .012 seconds before

​learnt from my father
​wish cameras were better at picking up real light haha

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