Sunday, October 9, 2016

Made it to Thailand

Hey there! Haven't had an email for a while. But how about Conference!? It was so good. Every talk was amazing. My favorite sessions were both Saturday and Sunday Afternoon's. I got to watch conference twice haha. So this weekend we just had... that is what we did. And lemme tell ya watching it a second time, you get sooo much more out of it. I didn't plan on taking notes again but I did and just really felt the inspiration and Spirit flowing. ANywho. How about the Choirs as well? I saw some real beautiful faces up there especially in row F seat 117 in the choir loft. He was a sharp lookin guy. Tell him hi for me.

I would say my favorite talk was probably Elder David A Bednar's. I don't want to be cliche at all cause he is almost always everyones favorite, but oh boy his talk on Christ was so beautiful and perfect. I loved the Sunday Afternoon because it was so spiritual and focused on Christ, and Elder Bednar set the tone by kicking off that session so well.

Wellllll, I am here. I am in Thailand and doing reeeeeally well. Every one of you needs to visit here sometime. Oh boy I love Asia, but Thailand has so many extra crazy's and weird traditions and etc etc it doesn't end but I love it.

I absolutely love just walking down streets and smiling and waving at everyone. Most everyone smiles back and I love it. The people here are amazing, and I wish they would be more open to the gospel. LIke they have noooooo idea what they've got in store and if Thailand weren't so strictly Buddhist, the whole country would be converted immediately. Haha.

Right now my Trainer (Elder Weaver) and I are opening up a new area. So we have no investigators and haven't had too much time to get some since we have had Orientation and Conference. But I have gotten to know the ward pretty well. I have so much work to do on the language but I can understand and speak a lot and I love it! I was thinking this morning about how it is like going through preschool and kindergarten again. Because we walked through a market and I was asking what you call bananas and apples and shapes and numbers etc it's funny.

Ah the culture is just the loveliest I wish you could see it right now. I love it and It is so meant for me to be in haha.

Yesterday was the absolute weirdest, craziest day of my life. And I'm not even allowed to report most of it home. That's how messed up it was. But it ended so well. LIke really really special. Dangit haha it's so hard to keep to myself. Just know that Thailand is insane haha.

I think that is it. I love you! So much.

Elder John Kimball Higginson

Thailand, Bangkok Mission

Also one more thing:
Thai kids are the cutest things ever. Oh my goodness. There is this one Thai girl (named Jasmine but goes by Elsa) who is Leah's age who kept messing with me during conference. She is literally Leah's twin except Thai. She is soooo smart but uses her smarts for mischief and teasing people. I forget to take a picture but she drew me a picture and wrote a bunch of words down in Thai ahha. Crazy to think all these little kids are better at Thai than I am. But tlaking to them and playing with Thai kids is the cutest thing ever. 

One more thing:
My FitBit didn't even last 2 days in the Thailand rain :/ I might be able to fix it but yeah. A couple wires in my heart are broke. I'm sad. But if it doesn't fix I can buy a wayyyy sweet counterfeit watch so I'm excited for that!

Also ooooone more thing:
We are going paintballing for another 3 hours today and I'm stoked for that haha.

It's pretty poor but also lots of normal. I'll send another picture. We have a washer but we air dry everything. We've got a grocery store with some good cereal. Everything everywhere is sooooo cheap I love it. I am way excited to go to a market and get a laser pointer or a ninja star or a knife or lots of stuff haha

Doctrine & Covenants 109:22-23    84:88

I got to go
I love you so much (:
Elder John Kimball Higginson
Thailand, Bangkok Mission

on top of my apartment building

This chicken is about a dollar, it is so good and it is the size of my face.

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