Tuesday, September 20, 2016

MTC week 7

Still surviving! Some Elders wanted me to cut down on singing all the time, but then I got accepted into the Missionary Choir haha. So look for me during General Conference! One of my dreams is coming true. I'm real excited.

One thing I found out is that the word 'Bangkok' translates to 'City of Angels.' The full name of the city in Thai is like 20 something syllables long but just understand that the Thai language is amazing and I love it haha. It is coming really well and I cannot wait to use it allllll the time.

I finished the Book of Alma, and some of Helamen in under a week. And I have never understood the scriptures as I have been here. Like when I read I am so focused and loving what I am reading. The Book of Mormon is truly amazing.

We have been Skyping people in Thailand lately to give lessons. They are members but it is a good opportunity to use our Thai. I'm loving it. I can hold some really cool conversations speaking only in Thai. Ah I love it. We had 3 straight devotionals held by Apostles. They gave some really good messages. Also they winged it hard like they even admitted to not preparing anything. So they spoke 100% guided by the Spirit and they were really neat.

Well, I don't hate the MTC one bit. I love it. But I need to get out of here. It is getting long but at the same time it is still going fast. One way you know it's getting long is when Google Maps is the funnest thing to do here. It's a hobby amongst most Elders. You should all look at Google Maps it is actually really cool when there isn't much to do hahah.

Found many many cool words in Thai that translate to cool things but the one I wanted to share most is: Spouse.

In Thai: คู่ครอง

which translates to: companion to be ruled by

hahah it is cool.

We got to see a cool addon to Meet The Mormons last week. I was impressed very much by the segments but
one of them got me really excited to be a dad one day.

Like I can't explain how excited I am to teach my kids to love Coldplay, and to love the sky, and
to love sports. But most of all I am really looking forward to teaching my kids to love Christ.

What a lovely opportunity that will be.
I miss Coldplay, the Sky, and yeah even sports sometimes I guess. But a mission is way more worth it.
I love it. I haven't seen a sunset in 2 months so I'm kinda going crazy there. I miss allllll the family
a whole lot. But you are always in my mind and heart. In a way that keeps me motivated.

That's all.

I love you so much

D&C 34:11

Elder John Kimball Higginson

Elder John Kimball Higginson
Thailand, Bangkok Mission

Not much to take pictures of.

Up in the middle of the night with a bloody nose.

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