Thursday, September 29, 2016

MTC week 8

Week 9.

This week is going sooooo slow but it has been really good. Satan has been working on me really hard but at the same time Christ has been as well. So yeah I'm kind of a mess. But I can do it!
Some amazing things have happened this week and ofcourse I forgot to bring my journal to emails haha. 
Thailand is so close. And I'm so glad I made the choir to help this week go faster. I am missing on so much study and class time but it's worth it haha. It is going to be so fun. Saturday Afternoon! They put me as a 1st Tenor so I will be right next to the Sisters so be on the lookout (,:
It is a really lovely experience. I love being able to do one of my favorite things, with the most powerful spirit, AND also preparing for a really amazing thing. It's really overwhelming and I love it. But none of that made sense just know I love it haha.

Congrats Savannah!! That is so cool and I am so excited for you to serve in the Dominican Republic!!

My work as a Zone Leader is done so that is fun! We are starting to pack...etc. Dangit I need my journal.

It feel's good to be on the Lord's side. That's all. Next email will be from the other side of the world. 
What a lovely opportunity this is and all the opportunities is opens up as well. My mind is going crazy with so many thoughts haha.

Thanks for all you do. I love you so much and this gospel is true. Always rely on Christ, because even through the most hardest things ever, He has unexpectedly helped me in very unexpected ways.

D&C 34:11

I Glory In Truth
I Glory In My Jesus

On a platform, I'm gonna stand and say:
That I'm nothing on my own,
Got to get that message home.

Elder John Kimball Higginson
Thailand, Bangkok Mission

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