Thursday, October 27, 2016

Week Three in Thailand

It was a really good week. We are finally settled in and working and it is already paying off.
We are wearing white shirts, black ties, and a black ribbon on our shoulders. We are well and safe.
Monday we emailed then got a ton of pizza and ice cream. Had family night with a really nice sister. Then got home and heard World War 3 had started. Haha. So we had a lot to think about all week including long discussions of the 2nd coming. We heard a lot about Russia and China from some people in our ward but turns out it isn't true. haha.
Tuesday we went to the gym, the sauna, and then took a looooong cold shower. Then we went to the Sister's and they had me dedicate their house. It was cool. We had district meeting and watched a bunch of sweet Thailand Bangkok mission videos and also watched that one video about the restaurant owner who bails out the young boy who is stealing medicine to help his mom, then many years later the little boy (now a doctor) helps out on a huge hospital bill for the restaurant man. But what was way cool was when it first turned on, I could understand what they were saying, and I realized that it was Thai! Then I noticed Thai writing all over and yeah never knew that video was of Thailand so that's  niiiiiice (,:
That night we taught English. Then taught a lesson to บอน. She is doing soooo good. She is loving The Book of Mormon. I asked her to commit to baptism and she said after she studies the Book of Mormon some more. But then we had her say the closing prayer. It was amazing. We asked how she felt and she said 'I feel warm.'
Next day it rained like all day. We got back into inviting and a lot of people were interested. Thailand is looking a lot more happier besides the black. Twice a year all the students from the huge University which is near our area have a project where they are supposed to interview a white person in English. The missionaries and the church always volunteer to let them come over to the church and hold these. So we did that. Then one of the students asked: how do you become a member of your church? so we taught her baptism, showed her the font, then brought her and one of her friends into a lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Commandments. They liked it a lot. They also committed to prepare to be baptized. So we will see where that goes, we teach them again tonight.
That day I also re-came across Mosiah 4:9-15. I love those scriptures. I challenged many people in the ward to read verses 9-12 every day. They are so powerful and give me so much hope, happiness, and faith. Believe in God! There is nothing better.
Also check out 2 Corinthians 5:7... not only is it powerful, but it also has a smiley face in the scripture!!! oh boy.
One visit we had with a less active was soooo cool. We got there and it's this super run down house. We talked to sister มีง for a while. Elder Weaver and the sisters asked me to share a scripture, so I chose my favorite Alma 37:37. 
    'Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and He will direct thee for good; yea, when thouh liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that He may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God; and if ye do these things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day.'
I bore my testimony about trust in God and about the importance of prayer. After that, Sister Ming told us that lately she has been wanting to feel God's love again so bad. She said that her family has really been struggling and didn't even have money to buy food. So she prayed really hard and soon after randomly found a 100 baht bill on the street. She immediately felt God's love and knew she needed to regain her relationship with God. She said that our message was perfect.
Friday I read the Joseph Smith History-while also looking up all the bible scriptures both him and the angel Moroni reference. It is sooooo cool and it all makes so much sense and there is nooooo way it isn't true. We set up English class signs around the city and also did the usual inviting. That night we spent an hour and a half in the back of a taxi with an insane taxi driver. We were headed to do a switch off with the Zone leaders. The taxi drivers are all sooooo crazy but so fun to talk to.
We were up til 2 or 3 telling stories, because Thailand missionaries have some really insane stories. Especially when they serve up north where it's like ancient tribes living everywhere. That following day, I went on a splits with Elder Hancock who is a ZL. We taught 6 lessons, invited a ton, and visited many people. We also got 10 new investigators as well as committed most of them to go to church yesterday. All of our lessons were really special and were with really neat people. We'd sit on the floor of their houses and just talk about the Gospel and it was the most enjoyable thing ever. That night I realized again how much I love Thailand, this gospel, and how grateful I am for the opportunity to be here. I wish so bad you were here, so I could show you ever little detail and everything about Thailand. I love it. Another thing I realized on the switch off is that the area I serve in is like the most uncultured and boring in all of Thailand. You go 15 minutes in any direction and you'll run into soooo many crazy temple, monks, and other cultured stuff. But our area almost has nothing. I still love it though! Just really looking forward for my whole mission I loooooooove it. Wish I could tell you about each lesson we had that day, they were everyones first lesson as well. So you're welcome ZL's. I got you 10 new investigators haha (;  Elder Hancock and I had a good, busy day.
Last thing, I couldn't get away from my calling. I conduct the music in Priesthood Quorum every week now. Also I play the piano for some things sometimes too. It is a good time though. I am so happy and 
Yesterday we got two more investigators for a total of 7. And all of them are doing really well and love the gospel. There's just too much to say. Last night we 'coincidentally' ran into one of the trainers at our gym. He is this huge Thai dude. (All of the events leading up to us running into him were so miraculous). He immediately said he wanted to come to our church and learn about our gospel. Way good dude. Heavenly Father is bringing us the elect. It is so fun and feels so good to bring others unto Christ.

Last night, all four elders in our house talked til really late again. I shared one of my favorite Hymns: O My Father. You should all read it together. It is beautiful. I should probably be done I have way too much to share. 

Thank you for all the love and support
I sure love you a lot

I got my first haircut yesterday from a lady in the ward and she makes ever missionary get the same one its kinda weird and she shaves a line up your head haha

​back on for a bit. the tramp place was sooooo fun. also i forgot to introduce these drinks but they are popular and taste good. that is all.

we went to the mission office afterwards. Tell Leslie and Aaron thanks soooooo much for the mail! I love them so much

Love you mom (: talk to you next week!
Check out this girl that is part of a family I taught, she made me think of Ruby soooo much haha

Elder John Kimball Higginson
Thailand, Bangkok Mission

Also meant to include that with the long letter. We have that video on our phone haha.

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