Saturday, November 26, 2016

Week Seven - Bangkhen

Hey there!

We had a really great week. Investigator work has really really slowed down, but we are still working really hard. Got a lot of LA work in too. Niiiiice.

On Monday we went to the old lady's funeral. In Thailand for the members they do both a Buddhist and an LDS funeral cause it's like a strict culture thing to have monks do something. But it was wayyy cool. At Buddhist funerals they give away a lot of gifts and you go throw a flower in where the body is.  Then they go cremate it. That night we had family night with an awesome family. So we weren't able to go anywhere for Loi Krothong for lanterns, but we still got to float away our wishes on little plant boats haha. Watched the super moon til really late. 

Tuesday I bought a lot of pens. And it wasn't until then when I realized I have like 50 pens and all of them are blue hahaha. During gym time I ran my best mile ever. I've been working on it every day here. Ran a 4:44!!! It felt so good mentally and so bad physically haha. Taught english, which was really intense because Transfer calls were that night but we didn't know when. We taught a way good lesson with a Sister investigator about the commandments. It is such a good feeling to participate more in a conversion process. We eventually got calls and I still got the same companion! Elder V is moving out and we got Elder Brooke who is a way good guy. Lots of missionaries in my Phii group (the group that came right before us) have lots of responsibility. Cause their group and my group make up like half the mission I guess haha. So there is a good chance I could be a DL and/or trainer next transfer! Nice. Made my blessing book. Nice.

Wednesday I don't even remember it was a slow day. Buuuuuut... that night was awesome. Book of Mormon reading with members, investigators, everyone is the best. Especially when you can finally understand what is going on. For some reason every activity that happens, they want me to share a thought. So I shared Moroni 7:47 about Charity and Love. It was cool like bearing my testimony about Charity and Love and Christ. In a different language and with the Spirit. Coolest feeling. After I said amen a couple members just said 'wow'. Then we closed and had a lovely rest of the night haha.  Had a couple Elders from an area 8 hours away spend the night, and were up way late. Was a fun time though. MAde my new daily planner, wrote a looooooot of deep thoughts in my journal. 

Thursday we had transfers. Got a package from the family and I was the happiest boy. Put up the traditional hand turkey. Had a way fun time with taxi drivers and talking about the Gospel. Prepared a few investigators for baptism this sunday but then found out we have stake conference so we are working that out haha. Our ward is gonna be split probably! AS well as our stake. Big changes! 

Friday I set the record for the farthest plane thrown off our building. Nice. Had some cool thoughts about this texting thing Elder Weaver and I do. We have a list of people we send a scripture to every day. And I have done it every day because Weaver thinks I'm like this Book of Mormon master haha.

Had a way deep thought process about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Was a way cool experience.
Because on Monday and Tuesday, I was feeling great about how well the language is coming and all that. Then Tuesday afternoon, it left me. I was defeated. Haha I could not communicate or understand anything. So before Book of Mormon reading tuesday night, I repented real hard. Then went to the activity. Immediately it was all back, and I had a way good time. Heavenly Father gave me a way good lesson on humbleness and gratitude haha. That was a way cool testimony building experience.
I then wrote like 4 pages on the Gospel. There are 5 points to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Endure to the End. I won't write it all down, but basically it was that for absolutely everyone, the Gospel needs to be a daily thing. Not just for new people to the Gospel. Every day you should check your Faith. Show Christ and Father your dedication and belief and love to Them. Fix ANY doubts through the scriptures and prayer. Repentance should always be a daily thing. Avoid having to repent, but also repent for everything. Recognize what you are compared to God and be humble. Repentance builds upon your faith. AFter Baptism, it becomes a weekly thing through the sacrament. But it also is a daily thing. You should be preparing for the sacrament each day through Faith and Repentance. The Holy Ghost supports all the other points as well. Always check your Faith and check your worthiness of the Spirit each day. Use the Atonement. Always pray for and seek the companionship of the Holy Ghost. Last is Endure to the End. Make each point an important part of your life. Never slack off or get lazy. Strive to share the Gospel, which helps make it all so much more enjoyable. Look forward to things in life. Be 100%. God loves you and there is no other better team to be on. Evaluate where you are every day. Also, Have You Done Any Good In The World Today? The Gospel of Jesus Christ needs to be heard through every ear and can only make every person's life better if acted upon.

There it is. REal summarized and sounds weird and like a step by step list. Also didn't include the like 200 scriptures I referenced haha. Enjoy.

Sunday was weird but still good. Visited some really sketch LA's who kept mocking God and Christ and bein real rude to their mother who is a great member. They were the farthest thing from interested, but they were still kinda nice to us. We have been working on them a while. When we finally left, the daughter walked us to the Taxi, and then asked 'Why don't you two ever give up?' Elder Weaver replied in the most perfect way. And then we left. An hour or so later we got a call from that girl. She told us she wants to help us teach investigators. Was the weirdest and most exciting thing. LA's are hard but are also crazy and fun. Visited quite a few yesterday. Lots of liars and strange people. But it is good. It is the work of the Lord. We finally got home, studied, and threw a million more planes off the roof.

Then we went to the Zoo this morning. Thailand Zoos are crazy lemme tell ya.

That's a lot of stuff I just wrote I realized. Was such a good week.

I love you (:

Also I forgot to mention why I love sending the scripture texts. I love it cause the people that receive it sometimes tell us about experiences or how 'perfect timing' the texts were. As well as getting to share the amazing Book of Mormon and D&C... I also get to share my favorite scriptures and study in the scriptures for other people. That makes now sense but it is awesome that is all.

Elder John Kimball Higginson
Thailand, Bangkok Mission

Loi Krothong

Best I could do of the supermoon

Transfer 2 daily planner (Christmas Transfer)

Thanks for the care package. Traditional thankful turkey with hand feathers.

I don't know if any of you have heard of a trunky book but most missionaries do it and you write everything you miss in it. I found this book at the store and decided to name it my blessing book. I love writing down my blessings both here and at home. That is all. :)

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