Sunday, January 1, 2017

Kamphaeng Phet - New Year

First off Happy Birthday to the Best Dad in the world! (a few days ago).

Not too much happened this week. But this is Thailand and not too much still means a whole lot haha. 
I had a cool long conversation with a guy who used to be a monk but really loves the Plan of Salvation. He had many questions, both good and weird. 

Another thing I have found really special about a mission is that your Faith is strengthened in every single aspect. Every portion of your faith is constantly tested and built upon by Truth.

Came to a cool realization again how even Joseph Smith had to find out this Gospel was true for himself. Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery didn't know about Baptism until they sought it out. They were translating in the Book of Mormon and even were almost done with it. Had already seen and experienced so much. But in the midst of translating, they came across some scripture about baptism. They thought about it for a bit, then went and prayed with great faith to know more about Baptism. And that was when an angel came and revealed it unto them. Way cool.

Elder Woodbury is a great companion. He has a fairly deep mind like I do and we have some really great conversations that often go too late. We have this thing going on called 'unanswerable questions.' Because we ask way too many of those haha. 

We had transfers, we are both staying. But we had to go renew my Visa which took up like 2.5 days. Lots of Branch drama. Monopoly and Uno. Temple talk.

A really cool Joseph Translation I would recommend reading... the first several scriptures in Saint John. The difference between the Bible and the translation makes so much sense and is so neat.

Also another way lovely scripture that probably made me think about the future too much but in a good way... 3 John 1:4   I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in TRUTH.

Way excited to raise kids in the Glory of Christ.

Had some talk of the end of the world cause its burning season or something and ashes literally fall every where. Went to Macro which is the most ghetto version of Costco hahah. Had an interesting New Year's Eve dinner.

Really can't believe how fast time goes! I'm sure you already know but wow. Makes me wonder how fast next Christmas and New Year's will come.

I love you!

Elder John Kimball Higginson
Thailand, Bangkok Mission

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