Sunday, December 11, 2016


We knew we wouldn't hear from John on his usual p-day because of a Christmas devotional but then we didn't hear from him for two weeks. Finally he wrote and said that he got a call from a missionary from the MTC thanking him for his love and example and told him he was going home. A while later, John got a call from the mission president that he was moving John up north to replace a missionary who was going home.  He packed and left early the next morning for his new area.
John is struggling a little bit because his companion doesn't like to work much and it makes it hard. I fear that this new companions work ethic may have added to the feeling and eventual leaving of the previous missionary.  So sad.
John misses his old ward but says he is doing great and is trying to stay busy studying and learning.  He said he had too much on his mind and it was easier to send pictures of his journal instead of write so we were lucky to read about nine pages of his journal.  He writes a lot in his journal. It helps him relieve stress and frustrations. We're happy he has found ways to work through some of the hard things.
I'm forwarding the one little email we got with pictures.
Thank you friends and family for your love and support of John!! He feels so much gratitude for every one of you and has been amazing at recognizing his blessings while on this mission.
We love you too.
Love, John and Tawnie

From John:
Bangkhen is gone. I have been moved to kamphaeng phet. It is a way cool place. There aren't any other missionaries within 3 hours of us. It is a small town in the middle of nowhere. People every where talk and look at me like they've never seen a dang white man before. It's funny but I love the people here.

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