Monday, February 6, 2017

Dear ครอบครัว,

Last Preparation Day we went to a funeral for a friend of some of the members. Every day there are just little things that prove to me that Buddhism is legit the great and abominable church. This funeral was probably one of the most satanic things I have ever seen haha. Loud fireworks, the strangest music, running around idols in circles, revving motorcycles as loud as you can, everyone smoking, fainting, dramatic scenes by the coffin about to be burned. My thought was, "It is so sad, these people think he is gone forever. They think he is actually gone forever." I wish so bad they could all just know the Truth. I wanted to go stand up on the temple and offer a prayer for everyone to hear. And ask Heavenly Father to take care of this young boy for these many many people who cared for him so much. Why is it so hard sometimes for people to understand our amazing message of Truth?

It is so hard to get past Buddhism, uneducated people, and the simple, yet very difficult language. But when we do bring the Spirit to people, it is amazing to see what happens. The enlightenment that takes place. People suddenly realize how silly Buddhism is. Haha. 

One of the main responses we get from inviting and teaching is 'every religion teaches to be a good person.' Sometimes it gets a lil frustrating thinking about it. But overall, I love inviting and teaching even through all the rejection. I love bringing the Gospel to people. Sometimes I just want to put my arm around them and ask 'But does every religion teach Truth?' or something about families and going back to Heaven, etc. I'm working on doing that more. But dangit, sometimes it is just so hard. For most people, family isn't even a priority at all. People worship idols and pray to them and monks. Prostitution and whoredom is one of Thailand's main attractions. Everyone smokes, drinks, and is gay. Anything Christ teaches us, most Thai people are against. It is so weird. Anywho there's just a weird thought for ya haha.

We have been finding a lot of service to do at the school as well as playing soccer and basketball. It feels so good haha. One thing Thailand is pretty good at is soccer. It's like the only sport Thai people care about. I love going to play with them and getting to know lots of people and even inviting them to church activities. That's all haha. 

Not a lot happened this week. I've decided my new favorite word in Thai. ศักยภาพ which means Potential. Really want to work on achieving potential. Through Christ everyone has so much potential and I think its so sad how often people don't go for it. But, it is always available.

We met more with Brother Aim. A really neat dude that does not want to learn at all but wants to see us successful for some reason. He's always sayin he wants to adopt me haha. He is a dude I randomly called on a switch off because it said he was a former investigator. But after getting to know him more, he has never met with missionaries or learned about our church. It's strange. Now he tries to come see us daily and wants us to go teach people at his work which we haven't gotten to yet but will for sure. He is a pretty successful man who wears darkened aviators and travels the world for engineering/welding business. 

He is exactly what this Branch needs. A solid, not poor Melchizedek Priesthood holder. This branch is really struggling. The strongest members have all moved away. This branch has been left on its last leg with the missionaries. If we leave, it crashes. It is a neat opportunity, but somehow we have got to help this place become more self-reliant. 

Anywho, we got the new announcement about the missionary schedule. Good news, especially for a very different mission like ours that could use more some decision making by the missionaries. 

Taught some lessons, not too much progress. Had two random people show up to church on sunday, one wants to be a member haha. Just a short, not too eventful week sorry for the sad email.

I still love studies more than ever. Love learning more and more about Christ. Feel really confident in if I were to teach someone who somewhat had a knowledge of Christianity or even Christ beforehand. Know exactly what I would do to bring the Spirit to them in the best way I could.

Anywho... I'm going to make sure a lot happens this week haha. Next week's email is going to be your favorite.

Read Jacob 1-3.

Love you!

Hey mom know you and father are a'sleepin but just one last thing that I just needed to share... i was downloading talks in Thai, and during that I just read the talk when Thomas S Monson announced the Thailand temple. It was so weird. Just so much came to my mind such as my love for Thomas S Monson and my love for Thailand and knowing the circumstances here more and remembering that day when they announced it not knowing I would be serving here and so so so much more. It was so powerful in a real special way for some reason and I just felt the Spirit so strong and just cried for some reason like my body couldn't withhold the joy and glory and all the thoughts that had just come to my head. The Holy Ghost is real. Even in this crummy lil internet run sitting next to a companion playing games and me getting a lil frustrated, I felt the Spirit so strong and still am. It feels so good. He is real. I don't know how to get it more across. I am so happy. I have so much more I need to do for Thailand. Just feel way overwhelmed right now it is so cool. I love being a missionary. This Gospel is so true. I miss the temple so much. But I am okay not going for a while so that others can have one for the first time ever. None of this makes sense but just needed to get some thoughts down after that. Anyways, I love you. Thanks for all you do. look heavenwards

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