Monday, February 6, 2017

Searching for the water, hoping for the rain

The Gospel brings me joy. I had a neat experience this week thinking about temples and Thailand. It is such a cool opportunity to be here for the preparation of a Temple and to take part in that!
My Faith has grown so much this week in every way as usual. I love my mission. Anything that even tries to sway me or make me question now only builds upon my testimony. Christ is working me in a miraculous way and I have so much happiness. Any hard time or harsh thought or stress or anything only lasts for just a second because Christ, the Book of Mormon, and anything else in the Gospel is right there to give me Hope and Light. I Glory In Truth, and I Glory and Love my Savior.

It was a slow week as usual here in Kamphaeng Phet, but I still do love this place. I have been thinking about transfers this week and know that if I move that I will miss this area so much. So getting a little nervous for that haha.

We celebrated Elder Woodbury's 1 year in Thailand mark and also my 6 month mark with lots of Ice Cream that was good.

Another thing lovely about a mission is that I dream so much. I have multiple dreams every night and all of them are so good. Also I something that hasn't changed on my mission is that I still sleep talk and walk; such as the other night where Elder Woodbury said I got up around midnight and threw my blanket at him as hard as I could and then went back to bed haha.

Let's seeeeee, we were riding home one day when I saw this man burning some stuff outside his house so I stopped and asked if I could help him with anything. We then spent the next hour and a half trying to fix his way old CompaQ as well as discussing the Gospel and it was a way good time. He's got some real good potential.

Brother Aim, who is the random Former Investigator who is in love with us, he took us to his work in this government compound and let us weld some stuff and see some cool things he has made. He's got lots of awards for traveling the world for competitions or something like that. I got to swing a golf club for the first time in a while. Felt great. I need to play some golf soon. He gave us these two big gifts he made out of metal. A motorcycle and a big robot. Nice guy.

We had a weird fast sunday. A drunk member who isn't even allowed at church punched the Branch President in the face. After church we studied and then headed up to Phitsanuloog. Wish it was easier to tell you how Thai words are really said haha. We spent PDay up here and will be spending another night for District Meeting tomorrow. This morning we went to ride Elephants but then we were only allowed to walk by them. Which was still cool but I guess I'll have to saddle one another day. 

Every day am learning more and more about Joseph Smith and learning to love and appreciate him more than I ever thought I could. I have been so interested in his life, outside of what is documented and it is just so amazing what kind of person he was as well as what he has done for this world. Anywho.

I've been studying a lot in Doctrine & Covenants the last couple days. Lots of interesting neat stuff. One thing I had never noticed before but I should have was in the introduction. Something about the Book of Commandments for the Government of the Church of Jesus Christ. Our church is so neat. Not only is it complete Truth and Doctrine of Christ, but it is also its own Government. Easily the most organized and efficient in the world. The Church of Jesus Christ. It's soul purpose is to guide us on the path Christ set for us. Too many thoughts I'm going to stop there before I open a can haha.

Read all of the Book of Jacob this week. Lots stuck out to me in the perfect moments they needed to. But one I want to share most is from Chapter 5. Here is verses 70 and so on summarized. The Lord in the Latter Days brings in new servants to labor, but they are few...through laboring they have joy...and the Lord labored with them...and they had joy with Him.
The good will He gather at the last day.
Go Missionaries.

Not much else to report on. Thailand is getting hot. I'm tired but still so happy.

That is about it.
Til next week.

I love you (: 💙

gonna get it, get it together and fly
see each sunrise as a blessing

Elder John Kimball Higginson
Thailand, Bangkok Mission

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