Wednesday, February 22, 2017

from up above

16 And now, my son, this was t he ministry unto which ye were  called, to declare these glad  tidings unto this people, to  prepare their minds; or rather  that salvation might come unto them, that they may prepare  the minds of their children  to hear the word at the time o f his coming.

I reach day 200 tomorrow. Missions are fast. Lots of neat experiences I have had.

This week was great. We have planned out and set some real good goals for this transfer. We are already getting to work and doing lots to fulfill our purpose.

We commited Sister ทิพย์ to baptism last monday. She is the greatest person ever. Everything we teach she loves and accepts it. She is so humble and has received multiple answers that the Gospel is true. It has been so neat participating in her conversion process. She loves coming to church and all the activities we have every day. Stoked for her. March 5th.

We also have another investigator named Layara from Brazil. She is interesting, but it is such a good opportunity to teach her. She is part of the 7th day adventist church. It is neat learning about many other churches. The more I learn, the more firm I am in our Church. Funny how there are so many different sects and each one somewhat has truth but only focuses on just a lil bit and distorts the rest. They had it close. But only Christ's church contains the full Truth! It is also great teaching someone in English. As much as I love Thai with all my heart, it sure shows me blessed we all are to grow up with English as our first language. I don't think there is any other language where you can better express your true feelings and yeah there's a lot I could say about that but it's a real special opportunity we have haha. Anywho, it is neat seeing and helping in Layara's conversion process. Because the church and Christ are so dear to her. But as we teach her, everything makes sense to her and opens her mind to this whole new Truth. It's way cool.
We're pretty busy. So busy we have been missing lots of personal and language study but we're going to try to do better at that.
Sister จ๋า is this way awesome member in this area. She is so neat and spiritual. When I first met her moving in I thought she looked way familiar but had no idea why. She said the same thing about me. After talking for the first time after like a week, turns out she served in Palmyra, New York while I was there for EFY almost 2 years ago. She was one of the guides when we went through the Joseph Smith cabin and the Sacred Grove. Kinda cooooool.

Elder Mckay a few days ago found a stack of unfinished baptismal records over the last year or so. So we have had to finish those and get signatures and information all over the city. It has taken work and time. But it took us to an LA's house yesterday. After getting some information she asked us to give her a blessing, and asked me to give the blessing. It was so neat. Completely led by the Spirit because for blessings you are supposed to use this way high-so Thai language. After I finished there was a lot of peace and everyone was happy and I was told I had no grammar errors at all so yay haha.

Okay I love you!

ข้าพเจ้าปลาบปลื้มในความจริง; ข้าพเจ้าปลาบปลื้มในพระเยซูของข้าพเจ้า

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Elder John Kimball Higginson
Thailand, Bangkok Mission

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