Monday, February 13, 2017

Transferred -Ubon

Hey familyyyy

I am in Ubon with Elder Mckay. I love this place and my companion. He is from Huntsville, Utah. Way way way good guy. It's only been a few days but we've seen and done so much. It was sad to leave my last area but I am excited for the future. Ubon is a very neat area. It is in south eastern Thailand. It has a way different dialect from normal Thai but I have been adjusting kinda well. Lots new words to learn. Thailand is the best. We live with the Zone Leaders and it is the funnest time. We are all way good friends and working so so hard. We've made so many goals and dedicated ourselves so well. I have been reading talks and many other things about  being a better missionary. I want to be a Consecrated Missionary. I am working at it hard and it has brought so many blessings and so much happiness to me. It is so neat how it all works. It feels so so good to be teaching many lessons daily and visiting and serving and doing so much each day. I am exercising often, eating good, bearing testimony often, achieving goals, really doing soooo good at the language, just everything. I am so happy and love what I am doing. One of my big things I've changed is making sure to talk to Everyone. Not letting a single person go by without talking to them. Every missionary has gotta do it. Sometimes its kinda scary and sometimes the results are scary too but it is so worth it. I love it. I love being consecrated, obedient, and continuously progressing at it. Anywho...
Pride minute is over haha.

We have quite a few investigators. Two of them we teach in english. They are so neat. All of them. Two of our investigators we committed to baptism just this week. It's been so neat. I love seeing real miracles. Real miracles By definition. I love it. (I feel like the word miracle is thrown around way tooooooo much haha).

Every lesson the Spirit flows and so much understanding comes to both us Elders and the investigators. It's amazing how the Spirit has really propelled my language especially in lessons. Just so much good haha.

I love this ward, I love all the new people I've met, we do so much with the members, investigators, missionaries. 

I love my mission.

Sorry too much to talk about. And have only a few minutes. 

Heading out to teach a lesson!

I'll make sure there is more time next week. I love you!

3 Nephi 5:73

Bring Forth Good
Bring Forth Light

Believe In Miracles


Elder John Kimball Higginson
Thailand, Bangkok Mission

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