Monday, March 27, 2017

the lover, the dreamer, and me.

It was transfers week. Kind of a slow week but Elder McKay and I will be reigning Ubon for 6 more weeks.
The new Elder who replaced Elder Gremillion is Elder Wannasri. He is sooooo awesome. He is Thai.  It is always good to have more homies around.

March 22, 2017 I opened my call 1 year ago this day.
We taught catholic named Jane. For some reason we are teaching every english speaker and every non-thai person in Ubon. But it is soooo good. We taught her the Restoration and she kept saying 'it all makes so much sense.' And then at the end we bore our testimonies she stopped us and said: \wait, the way you say it... it just feels so good like... it's all true.'
She is awesome. We got her a baptismal date.
I made a list of the variety of nations I have taught on my mission so far.
India, America, Mexico, Switzerland, Cameroon, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, Isle of Man, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Portugal, Laos, Myanmar, Mongolia, Cambodia, Thailand, etc.
I love Thailand & I love my mission (:
I got my first lighter and pack of cigarettes while teaching a man on the streets and so I offered to help him quit. He gave em. I threw them away no worries.
We also taught a Baptist from India who is way neat. We have a loooooot of investigators from the Seventh Day Adventist church. Some of them are so close and we feel that once one of them finally get baptized that the whole church will collapse and join the True Church!
We also got another Thai Catholic investigator who loves reading the Book of Mormon more than anything.
Teaching lots of real neat people. And most of them are Buddhist if you forgot that Thailand is Buddhist. Way too much haha. Too Buddhist.
Thanks for the loooooove (:
Last thought, was thinking the other night how excited I am to one day have kids who are best friends with mom & dad. That'll be the day.

You be you.
one day we'll find it, 
the rainbow connection
From your Elder Hig เอ็ลเดอร์ฮิก

One thing I've realized is that I have been having companions who have just
had a pretty stressful companion or something like that. Elder Weaver has
had lots of hard companions as well as a few that went home early as he's
told me. Elder Woodbury had just had Elder Brown go home. And Elder McKay
was just with Elder Eaton who went home. Think it's way cool what my
patriarchal blessing says about my Gift of Charity and Love and how I will
become an instrument in the Lord's hands to help uplift spiritual,
emotional, and temporal burdens. That I will help heal the brokenhearted.
All my companions I've gotten along with so well. But it's neat that I've
been able to help 'provide faith and encouragement to others.' And 'through
the Holy Ghost' I have 'known who to help and how to help them.' I love how
it is so easy for me to just get along with everyone. It truly is a
blessing. Anywho, just a thought. Love you Dad!


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