Monday, March 6, 2017

All I Know

This week was so great just like every week in อุบล. The language dialect has been really throwing me off but I'm still trying to progress at the language. We had a week full of opportunities and miracles. We taught many many lessons and got 7 new investigators this week! 

Running out of time so here is an excerpt from my companion's letter.
"GOing to a DIfferent CHURCH?!?!?!!?: So we are teaching a 7th day Adventist as we mentioned earlier and so she goes to church on a Saturday. And after one of our lessons with her my companion was just like, "Hey can we come to your church on Saturday?" ANd at first she was really surprised(almost as surprised as I was) but then she came to her wits and said that would be fine. At first I was a little nervous and unsure if we were even Allowed to go. But we got it approved and went with a prayer in our hearts that all would go well. And if there is anything I would say it would be that I learned there are many, many people who truly love Jesus Christ and have a very sincere desire to serve and follow him. It was a nice service and the people were so welcoming and loving. And we saw a cool miracle from it as well. There was a member there who went there for the first time since she has been here in Ubon. And she was so excited to see us there. So she got our number and we parted our ways. But she called us later that day as we were cleaning the church and she was lost so we called her some transportation and made sure she made it home safe. So she invited us over the very next day and we were able to teach her and introduce her to the Book of Mormon. She was very excited to read it. I know that if she reads it and prays about it with real intent the lord will manifest to her the truthfulness of that book! "
This girl is so so neat. She is from a tribe in northern India. Her family of nine has consatantly been changing religions out of searching for truth. And after years and years of 'coincidences' and miracles, she ran into us. She is so ready and prepared it is so neat. I am excited to give her the fulness of the Gospel.
Sister ทิพย์ is all ready for baptism and that'll be this Sunday! We started teaching a family of 5 who accepted a baptismal date. Layara is coming so so close to Truth and I think we have got her. I keep thinkin that I need two months to serve in America because we sure do know how to convert 7th Day Adventists haha.
Last Pday we went and ate a big meal on a lake. This morning we went Golfing. Home. I loved it. Shot a 40. They made us have caddys which were 4 way old ladies who know golf pretty well cause they've worked there for decades haha. It was a good time. Had another switchoff which was very successful. Life is good.
Transfers go so fast. Especially when you're working hard and making it so fun. I love my mission. Feel like my testimony is too big to fit inside me. I know I was supposed to be in my last area. Layara one lesson brought in a bunch of stuff about our church she found online and so we gave her and gave her the articles of faith while I took her journal and wrote down a testimony and some advice and other stuff and yeah she is well on her way.
Too much to share. Stoked for Heaven when it'll be easier to share everything. I love my mission.
I love Thailand.
I love you (: 💙

Acts 19:10-11 (JKH edited)
And this continued by the space of two years
so that all they which dwelt in Asia heard the word
of the Lord Jesus.

And God wrought special miracles by thine hands.


Elder John Kimball Higginson
Thailand, Bangkok Mission

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