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Thursday, April 13, 2017

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Solid week in preparing people for their first covenant with God. Switchoffs. Meeting German doctors working with leprosy in Laos. Commitment giving. Drama in the ward. Love. Teaching and Inviting. Zone Conference. Friends. Getting an investigator married. Our RC getting a random person a desire to be baptized. Traveling 16 hours to the mission office and back. The Plan of True Happiness. Faith and Faith in yourself. Power Statements. Buddhism. The Book of Mormon.

I love my mission.

I have realized greatly the importance of commitments. Commitments are invitations for action. Faith requires action. Acting on Faith is how you build Faith and receive more personally your own witness. The more difficult the action, decision, or test... the stronger your testimony becomes. So this week as we have focused on giving meaningful commitments, we have seen one of the most successful weeks ever. Have Faith, build Faith, test Faith, see miracles. It is the neatest thing when someone follows through on difficult commitments. that is when I start to see their own person testimony in Jesus Christ begin. One of the most important commitments we are all given the opportunity to do, by our Savior Jesus Christ, is Repentance. Teaching a very Buddhist people, who believe sins are with them forever, has given me a new perspective to Repentance; and especially that people really can change for better. The simple miracle of Repentance can sometimes be difficult to understand. But as we bear testimony of the joy and realness of Repentance, through the Holy Ghost, people both desire and feel of its truth before even trying it. These people usually will want to meet again really soon and will have an eagerness to fulfill any other commitment you give to them. They'll show up with this new light and peace with them. They will have just experienced one of the miracles Christ offers to everyone. They're Faith in the Savior and His Atonement is magnified and they are committed to follow Him.

I love the Lord. I am so humbled by this sacred opportunity from Him to help others know Him and be changed by Him. One of my biggest desires as a missionary is to change lives. My goals as a missionary are to change the lives' of everyone I meet, to change my own life for better, but also to change my Family. I need to do better at this. One important thing I've greatly learned as a missionary is the importance of Family. Being separated from you physically, in a land where family is rarely seen as a necessary thing, has brought me closer to you spiritually. My love for you and desire to be with you forever has become more real. The plaque we see in almost every mormon's house which reads: FAMILIES ARE FOREVER has become one of the most powerful statements in my life. My desire for your Faith has increased greatly. And as I know you have got great Faith already, I want to give you a commitment. Just a simple little one. Every day these next 7 days (and so on if you desire): pray, study 5-10 minutes on Sincere Repentance, and then Repent.

I love the beauty and simplicity of the Thai language. It may be considered one of the hardest languages in the world, but once you understand it you realize it actually is a very basic and simple language. One neat translation is the word for Repentance. การกลับใจ. This word's literal translation is 'returning heart.'

Return your heart to Christ. Everyone sins every day. This is our 'turning' our hearts away from Him. Let us return our hearts to Him each day. And through this action and commitment keeping, our Faith grows rapidly as we feel His Love & Joy in us. And as our Faith, Hope, Love, and testimony grows, so does our desire. Our desire to learn more, to pray more, to Repent more. But most of all, our desire to Love HIm and be like Him. I know Repentance is real. It is our commitment to action we must take part in. Given to us by our merciful, loving Heavenly Father.
I love you 💙

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Pictures from The Land of Smiles.

Thank goodness for the mission mom (Sister Johnson) and nice people in Thailand that post pictures on Facebook.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Riding Elephants

Hey there! Sorry had a way busy P-Day RIDING ELEPHANTS and had no time to email. I will get you pictures and an update on April 14th; our next P-Day. I love you sooooo much (:

I'm printing your emails so I'll read those too (: