Saturday, June 3, 2017

Restored Truths

Hey there! 😊

This transfer and week have just been the greatest and I am the happiest. My companion and I keep saying to everyone we're both greenies training eachother cause we don't ever want to leave this companionship or area or Thailand. Its thee best. Elder Bastian is so great.

We had the lovely opportunity to have Elder Cook come visit our mission. He spoke to all the missions and bore sacred testimony of his witness of the Savior. I feel like that moment was life changing for many people. I am so blessed to have had part in that. I love and sustain all the leaders of the church. They truly are amazing. My love for Elder Cook after that meeting has grown so much.

Before that meeting we were all taking a picture together. When Elder Cook arrived I also saw another familiar face from home... Brother Tyler Swain. I felt like I was dreaming, same as when I first saw Elder Fillmore. After the picture Brother Swain called me down and we gave eachother a hug and then he kissed my face saying "this is from mom." Haha. I sure got lots of questions and things said to me afterwards since the entire mission saw. Brother Swain is such a great guy I was way happy to see him.

That night was a big meeting. There were so many people from all over the country there and I was able to see all my fans from all of my previous areas haha. I didn't think anyone would remember me but instead we were caught up taking pictures and talking to people and getting lots of gifts for hours. I love everyone I have met here so much and miss all my last areas for reals. Thailand has got really amazing people.

Friday one of my friends from Kamphaeng Phet, Brother อ๊อฟ hung out with us all day. He helped us teach and invite and we had a lot of fun before he left back up north that night. On friday I ran into Brother Tuck on the streets. I was exhausted from inviting that morning and sat down for a bit but as he walked by something made me get up and go talk to him. How I invited him was definitely from the Spirit because I had never invited like that before but he happily agreed to meet us later that night. 

After teaching Brother Tuck the restoration (and loving it!) we asked him if he had any questions. All he had to say was that since he was really little, he has been a person that rarely dreams. Not very much at all, but every time he does dream it has always foretold something in the future. After giving us a few interesting and neat examples, he said that when he was 8 years old... he had a dream that "i quit my job, and two days later ran into Elder Higginson, and that he shared me a message that I needed to follow." So yeah talk about running into pre-mortal life homies! He knew me before we even met. It was way cool. He loves everything about the church and basically keeps all the commandments and is way stoked to be baptized.

I love being a missionary. 

We had a super awesome Zone Conference on Monday and have started applying what we learned and it has brought us alot of success these last two days.

I initiated a (friendly) key indicator contest between our companionship and the ZL's haha and these last two weeks have been very successful. Proving that competition can be a very good thing.

I didn't feel like a successful missionary for a while on my mission. But once I started to really apply the principle taught in Mosiah 18:20. As I have focused on repentance and faith, that is when I have seen miracles and people's lives changing. Faith, and especially repentance is how we are able to สำผัด to God's love. Repentance works. I have felt it in my life and seen it change so many other people's lives. One lesson on a switchoff, an investigator asked 'what does the word witness mean?' and I compared it to someone climbing climbing the tallest mountain ever, but only one person sees it happen. So that one person is a 'witness' as he tells the world about this amazing feat. I am a witness of Christ. I have seen the amazing things he has done to me and especially to all those I have the sacred opportunity of teaching. I know He lives. I know He loves us. 

Last principle I've taught myself: It's okay to feel successful, but never be satisfied.

I love the Lord.

I love you! 💙

Elder Higginson



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