Monday, July 17, 2017

Now Let Us Rejoice in the Day of Salvation


I don't think anyone really understands how much fun my mission is. We are in the only 8 elder district. We are in very high populated areas, which means fire inviting for hours every day. We are preparing for a temple. Baptisms are a weekly event. We all love to work and have fun. The 7/11 next to the church knows all of us cause we all stop there several times a day and we also magnetted a missionary nametag to this cardboard cutout of a famous person here and everyone thinks its funny. Anywho, I'm just really enjoying my time here and don't want to leave Minburi ever. There are too many people here I love and don't want to leave, many who are not yet baptized.

This past week has built upon my witness of the Savior's Atonement. It becomes more and more real as I apply it more to my life as well as so many other's lives. I see it's reality, and it brings me so much joy seeing the light it brings to people's lives. พ่อเรียน is one of those examples. Just a couple months ago he hated life and family and the world and just sat and yeah. In just 2 short months, his life has been completely changed around. His number one motive in life has become his family and his desire to be with them forever. He loves Christ and is always watching Bible Videos at work. I could say so much about this amazing man. He has brought me so much joy. Seeing him smile is literally touches my heart. He is my best friend. He is preparing to baptize his daughter next week who will turn 8 years old. I am so happy.

Minburi is finally getting going. Our 4 elders here are working hard, and seeing so much good happening. Our influence is being felt everywhere and the members are seeing their potential and this place is about to explode I am way happy.

Our amazing Brother Bee is always saying that 'he's a priest now, he has to share the Gospel.' He invites all of his customers in his job as a taxi driver. His number one desire in life is to serve others. He is always saying that money doesn't matter to him anymore, he is happy now. But he is still okay on money haha. He is going to be an amazing leader in the church one day. He has another job as a constructing manager. He's driven us around and shown us many very beautiful buildings he was in charge of. It's impressive, but even more impressive is his leadership and participation in the church already.

The Atonement is real. I have witnessed it over and over. This week as I have focused my studies on understanding more the pain and suffering Jesus went through, I have felt more the power of the Atonement. I have desired more to share the message of the Atonement. It has brought me so much joy seeing it WORK in God's Children. I have been addicted to the song 'Now Let Us Rejoice' all week as we have seen so many people become better. I really do rejoice in the day of salvation for these people that I love.

We had a week straight of floods but then this week it was just really hot everyday. I'm not gonna talk about the heat because it hurts and I don't wanna sound like I'm exaggerating haha.

I wanna challenge you to not just study the Atonement, but try to understand more what Christ went through. It will strengthen your relationship with Him and your desire to serve Him.

I feel like a few of the million reasons I was called to Thailand is to completely build a hatred against sin. Specifically idleness. It makes me so sad how people just do not do stuff. My favorite word is Potential, and I preach Potential so soooo much here because potential is important. I got too many thoughts on this topic haha.

Ask yourself everyday:

Am I going to be amazed or amazing?

Have an amazing week. You are good.

ຮັກເຈົາເດີ 💙


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